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2024 Outstanding Teacher Nominees

Bismarck Primary

Stephanie Leingang – Grimsrude Elementary, (1st Grade)
Gina Gruman – Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, (1st Grade)
Stephanie Blomseth – Shiloh Christian School, (3rd Grade)
Kate Taylor – Saint Anne’s School, (1st Grade)
Katie Roth – Miller Elementary School, (5th Grade)
Emily Lee – Shiloh Christian School, (1st Grade)
Alicia Fladeland – Highland Acres Elementary, (3rd Grade)
Ross Baumgardner – Liberty Elementary School, (K-5)
Carri Wilson – Shiloh Christian School, (Pre-K)
Jennifer Ritter – Centennial Elementary School, (3rd Grade)
Abigail Delzer – Elk Ridge Elementary, (3rd Grade)

Mandan Primary

Jennifer Miller – Lewis & Clark Elementary, 4th Grade
Julie Stockert – Lewis & Clark Elementary, 2nd Grade
Diana Lag – Ft. Lincoln Elementary, 2nd Grade
Kimberly Messmer – Roosevelt Elementary, 3rd Grade
Renee Huber – Custer Elementary, ESCE

Bismarck Secondary

Valerie Smallbeck – Bismarck High School, (9th-12th)
Heather Frey – Bismarck High School, (9th-12th)
Madalyn Palarski – Simle Middle School, (6th-8th)
Mark Kunze – Shiloh Christian School, (6th-8th)
Chris Dasovisck – Century High School, (9th-12th)
Chelsey Gravseth – Century High School, (9th-12th)
Sean Gandy – Legacy High School, (9th-12th)
BJ Etzold – St. Mary’s Central High School, (9th-12th)
Fr. Paul Gardner –St. Mary’s Academy, (6th-8th)
Emilee Todd – Century High School, (9th-12th)
Ryan Clark – Simle Middle School, (6th-8th)
Andrea Weikum – Horizon Middle School, (6th Grade)
Kate Vig – Horizon Middle School, (7th Grade)
Charlene Nemec – Shiloh Christian School, (8th Grade)
Angelie Balangue – Shiloh Christian School, (10th & 12th)
Jessi Nadeau – Shiloh Christian School, (9th-12th)
Nick Emmel – St. Mary’s Central High School, (9th-12th)
Brad Beyer – St. Mary’s Academy, (7th Grade)
Brian Geck – Horizon Middle School, (7th Grade)
Jamelle Clements – Simle Middle School, (6th Grade)
Catherine Littlefield – Legacy High School, (9th-12th)
Alicia Overbeck – Horizon Middle School, (7th Grade)

Mandan Secondary

Aaron Schmidt – Mandan Middle School, (8th Grade)
Alicia Weiand – Mandan High School, (9th-12th)
Chantel Williams – Mandan Middle School (6th-8th EDL)
Dewitt Mack – Mandan High School, (9th-12th)

Higher Education

Patrick Kelly – University of Mary
Deborah Mantz – Bismarck State College
Kelsey Menge – Bismarck State College
Chad Litton – University of Mary
Thomas Porter – University of Mary
Stacy Hutzenbiler – University of Mary
Taryn Chase – Bismarck State College
Shirley Wilson – Bismarck State College
Kayla Dressler – University of Mary
Matia Gjellstad – University of Mary
Reynold Miller – Bismarck State College
Adam Geitzen – Bismarck State College
Janelle Olson – University of Mary
Raquel Fischer – University of Mary
Donald Bungum – University of Mary
Elesha McAlexander – University of Mary
Mark Springer – University of Mary
Molly Leer – University of Mary

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