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Outstanding Teacher of the Year Nominees – 2023

Bismarck Primary

Becky Echelbarger – St. Mary’s Grade School
Eliza Bullock – Centennial Elementary
Heather Kaiser – Silver Ranch Elementary
Julie Ward – Elk Ridge Elementary
Karen Uhler – St. Mary’s Grade School
Libby Barrett – Grimsrud Elementary
Marnie Speidel – Shiloh Christian School
Paige Guy – Moses Elementary
Sarah Clark – Cathedral of the Holy Spirit
Siri Coleman – Shiloh Christian School
Tara Stolldorf – Shiloh Christian School

Mandan Primary

Alyssa Pesicka – Red Trail Elementary
Amber Kocourek – Lewis & Clark Elementary
Amy Kautzmann – Lewis & Clark Elementary
Lauren Lingen – Red Trail Elementary

Bismarck Secondary

Alexis Kuhn – Legacy High School
Alicia Overbeck – Horizon Middle School
Andrea Weikum – Horizon Middle School
Angela Myerchin – Horizon Middle School
Annmarie Decoteau – Horizon Middle School
Brittany Rambo – Legacy High School
Cari Thompson – Simile Middle School
Evan Ericksmoen – Shiloh Christian School
Jackson Grad – Simile Middle School
Jeanne Metzger – Wachter Middle School
Jessica Schmeichel – Legacy High School
Joan Breitbach – Simile Middle School
Karmen Wahl – Bismarck High School
Kate Skibicki – Horizon Middle School
Kayla Eckert – Legacy High School
Kendall Bergrud – Wachter Middle School
Leah Wheeling – Simle Middle School
Margaux Braun – Legacy High School
Phil Harr – Legacy High School
Ross Baumgardner – Horizon Middle School
Sharol Haugen – St. Mary’s Academy
Wendy Hafner-Bakken – Bismarck High School

Mandan Secondary

Alexis Rasset – Mandan High School
Chantel Williams – Mandan Middle School
Isaiah MacDonald – Mandan High School
James Gustafson – Mandan High School
Jamie Wenstrom – Mandan Middle School
Janae Miller – Mandan High School
Jurene Levadney – Mandan High School
Megan Schaff – Mandan High School
Seth Peterson – Mandan High School
Steven “Henry” Lau – Mandan High School
Taylor Hellman – Mandan Middle School

Higher Education

Alexander Mains – University of Mary
Katie Krukenberg – University of Mary
Kim Crowley – Bismarck State College
Michael Tomanek – Bismarck State College
Mike Chamberlain – Bismarck State College
Sarah Barreth – University of Mary
Shirley Wilson – Bismarck State College
William Fleck – United Tribes Technical College

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