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Election Resources

How to Vote

In response to COVID-19, both Morton County and Burleigh County will conduct their respective elections by mail this year.

For instructions on how to vote by mail and to access resources, please visit the links below.

For more information and resources for the upcoming election, visit or call the Burleigh County

auditor's office at 701-222-6718 or the Morton County auditor's office at 701-667-3300.


Voters who are included in the North Dakota Secretary of State’s Central Voter File will receive information and documents necessary to request their ballot.

If you have not received information to acquire a ballot, please submit a request by visiting  Ballots are required to be postmarked by June 8, 2020.

June 9, 2020 Election Overview

Bismarck City Commission

Mike Connelly

Brandi Jude

Steve Marquardt

Mark Splonskowski


Mandan City Commission

Michael Braun

Joseph A. Camisa, Jr.


Bismarck School Board

Karen Dunlap

Dan Eastgate

Donnell Preskey Hushka

Kristine Johnson

Brooke Lebeau

Nick Thueson

Sargianna Wutzke

Mandan School Board

Darren Haugen

Kama Hoovestol

Marnie Piehl

Ellie Shockley


Bismarck Park Board

Andrew Jordan

Wayne Munson


Mandan Park Board

Jennifer Froehlich

Wade Meschke

Burleigh County Commission

Brian Bitner

Brian Geloff

Becky Matthews

Jerry Woodcox


Morton County Commission

Nathan Boehm

Ron Leingang

Raymond S. Morrell

Wayne Papke

Tom Peters

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